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What is DreamForge?

A quarterly magazine available in both print and online formats that captures science fiction and fantasy stories from across the globe by experienced authors and new voices.

Why DreamForge?

In fiction and the world in general, we’ve seen the novelty of dark and grim perspectives grow to a commonplace expectation. Everyone, it seems, assumes the world has already gone to Hades in a handbasket and a good apocalypse might be what’s needed to freshen it up. We disagree.

Our theme is hope.

In all worlds and times, our tales revolve around those individuals and groups who bring meaning and value to the world, whose actions are of consequence, and whose dreams are the vanguard of things to come.

We’re looking for people like you, optimists looking for a better world and prepared to be a part of it. We want you to be a part of our adventure. Subscribe today![/one_half]